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Example Schedule

6:30am – Wake, water with lemon

6:40am – Stretch

7:00am – Shower, ready

7:30am – Meditate

8:00am – Breakfast

8:15am – Email

8:30am – Work (I usually make notes here about what I'll be focusing on, and then link to details about my project)

10:00am – 5 minute stretch break

11:45am – Lunch, maybe a walk around the block

12:15pm – Back to work

1:30pm – Workout (notes about what workout I'll be doing)

2:30pm – Write/Edit

4:30pm – Email

4:45pm – Break, quick hellos to loved ones

5:00pm – Write/Edit

6:30pm – Bath, pleasure reading

7:00pm – Dinner

7:30pm – Study, skills-improvement

8:30pm – Schedule day tomorrow

8:40pm – Open (read, TV, talk, etc.)

9:30pm – Meditate

9:50pm – Nightly relaxing podcast (I listen to Gil Fronsdal on Zencast)

10:15pm – To sleep 🙂


I write my schedule down every day in the same place.  It works best to have everything in one place (all your notes, ideas, projects, meetings, tasks, reminders, etc.).

I use Podio to manage all aspects of my life.  Podio is a powerful project management system that has endless customizing abilities.  It's got a little bit of a learning curve, but also great tutorials.  Unless your current system is working well for you, I highly recommend giving Podio a try!

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