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Why Do I Procrastinate?   10 Causes and Fixes (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of an earlier post on procrastination.

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"Why Do I Procrastinate?"  Because…

6.  You Don't PLAY in a Deeply Nourishing Way

The good life––the kind that lasts––is about balance.  Play is just as important as work, but if you burn the candle at both ends of the stick, you'll still crave more pleasure when it's time to put your nose to the grindstone.

Nourishing play is recreation that taps the soul's juices.  It's about feeding that part of you that yearns for opening and expansion, laughter and freedom.  It's also about knowing what does that for you.

If all your play involves alcohol, drugs, late nights, toxic relationships, food bindges, or even just mindless tv watching and internet surfing, that's not what will replenish your inner calling for balance and soul-sustenance.  It will leave you burnt out with nothing left to give to your bucket list.

The Fix?

Filter your calendar.  Replenish, inspire, feed, and push the boundaries of your heart.  That beautiful beating energy-center is the source of your life-force and drive.  If you don't cradle it with TLC, you'll lose the spice that motivates you.  Burn out and depression are real.  They can be understated, numbing, and hard to detect, but they will stifle your creative power, and procrastination will push away the brilliant sparkles of your dreams.

So, play from the heart, follow your bliss into Neverland.  And then return again to get real with the practicalities of your goals.


"Why Do I Procrastinate?"  Because…

7.  You Don't Manage Your Energy Well

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Photo Credit: Shawn Rossi / CC 2.0

1. Eating only after you're starving. 2. Poor sleep habits. 3.  Sitting all day. 4.  Caffeine, carbs, and sugar.  5.   Dehydration.  6.  And not taking breaks.

These are just some of the ways procrastinators unnecessarily drain their bodies and minds.  The opposites of these behaviors are easy to do, but they're easy NOT to do.  Those who, every day, do the habits and rituals that sustain or increase energy, are those who are on the path of success.  With that kind of steady gas mileage, they probably have the stablest moods and positive self-images, too.

The Fix?

The fix for this one is what every one of us knows is the healthy way to live:

  • Go to sleep a few hours after the sun goes down and wake soon after it rises
  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • Exercise! (Walk, run, hike, ellyptical, swim, yoga, bicycle, calesthenics, anything!  Just do it consistently)
  • Soul-feeding (see number 6)
  • Body care and pampering (yoga, massage, baths, facials, mani/pedis, meditation, spa, love-making, go for it!
  • Read "The Power of Full Engagement" by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz


"Why Do I Procrastinate?"  Because…

8.  You Need a Better Project Management System

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If you write notes all over your house, and then ignore them, grab a notebook for appointments, but a smart phone for tasks, and then missed parent-teacher night (!), it might be time to put it all in one location.

The Fix?

Below are the features of a good project management system:

  • It can be customized
  • You can use it for EVERYTHING
  • Reminder alerts can be set
  • It's user-friendly (not the same as attractive)
  • You can open it or get to it quickly
  • You have a back-up (for instance, reminders are on your smart phone and on your tablet, in case your phone dies.)

Besides these features being included in the system, you also have to use it religiously.

I use Podio.  It's super customizable.  There's a learning curve, but they also have good video tutorials.  A few other options are EvernoteZohoAsana, and Azendoo.  But I definitely like Podio the best.  For more information about personal project management software, here's a decent review by Lifehacker on the options listed above.


"Why Do I Procrastinate?"  Because…

9.  You Haven't Learned to Effectively Prioritize

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Photo Credit: Rishi Bandopadhay / CC 2.0

Sometimes decisions suck.  Especially if the choice ais between two things you don't find especially enticing.  Then vascilation can become an art form.  Isn't procrastinating with social media an acceptable escape from decision making?

The Fix?

Make a list.  Think about the consequences of taking or not taking action now on each item.  Number each task in order of priority.  Give each a deadline.  Adjust the numbers as you complete tasks or cicumstances change.



"Why Do I Procrastinate?"  Because…

10.  You're Not Meditating

Mediation is gold.  You don't have to do it "right", you just have to do it.

Focus the attention on the breath, on a candle, or on the back of your eyelids.  Simplifying and steadying your focus is one of the most centering things you can do for your mind.  Anxieties disolve, tasks you thought were urgent are laughable in their ease, and one of the best results I've noticed is my powers of concentration increase 100-fold.

If you're not meditating regularly (at least once a day), and you regularly procrastinate in important areas of your life, then I cannot recommend it enough to begin a practice.

I'm no expert, but just a simple practice has served me in countless and amazing ways.  I'm so thankful to have started a practice.  When I'm consistent with it, I notice that imbalance and the chaos in my focus and emotions start to dissipate.  Instead, I am centered, steady, light, and content.

A few resources for meditation:

Vipassana, Insight and Mindfulness Meditation

Zazen (Zen) Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM)


"So…why do 'I' procrastinate?"   I was gonna read this article, but…"

Implement the 10 fixes above.  Do them ritually.  Set yourself apart, change your habits, and cross off those fabulous and formerly ellusive items on your ever-growing bucket list!


What are your own experiences with procrastinating?  I'd be interested to hear your top strategies for overcoming procrastination in your life.

Thanks for reading and comments are welcome below.

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